The Battle: Mobility vs. Stability vs. Flexibility

We need mobility, stability and flexibility to move well. Usually when we start to experience pain or movement dysfunction we can track it back to a stability, mobility or flexibility problem. Today we are going mainly focus in on stability and mobility.


Gray Cook, a famous Physiotherapist (yes, a famous Physio!) describes a joint-by-joint approach. He describes common patterns of restriction in each of the main joints throughout the body and how we can prevent injury by promoting mobility or stability. Why do we start to lose stability or mobility in the joints? We sit to drive to work, sit once we get there, may be type on the computer, drive to the gym – sitting of course, workout (1 hr of the day, vs. 8 hrs sitting at a desk), head home to sit on the couch watching the new episode of The Amazing Race (what an awesome show, right??)…and call it a day. Humm..I wonder why these problems start to develop?


Today, we are going work bottom-up through the joints and determine where we need to focus our training on stability or mobility.

Who gives a _____?

Everyone who wants to continue training, lifting heavy and being an awesome person who moves well should care. By moving with normal mechanics we can prevent injury and that means we can continue to strength train – nuf said.

Bottom’s Up:

Joint Complex

Common Dysfunction

Corrective Exercise





Becomes unstable



Becomes stiff


Lumbar Spine

Becomes unstable


Thoracic Spine

Becomes stiff



Becomes unstable



Becomes stiff


Hummm … is there a pattern?

The Chicken or The Egg?

Anytime that there is a problem at one level – say knee pain – an awesome clinician would check one joint level below (ankle) and above (hip). If there are restrictions in mobility at either of those sites, the knee will start to move more to help compensate – ultimately the stability will be compromised. Which problem came first? Who cares – fix both the mobility and stability problem and stop thinking so much…

Move Better. Lift Better. Live Better.

Be You. Be Great.


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